Fear is not Your Friend DVD


1 DVD Teaching There is a serial killer loose in the church today, and he must be stopped. He uses many masks, often masquerading as a virtuous friend like wisdom, stewardship, thoughtfulness or peace in order to access the door to our souls. Yet once inside, he begins to kill our dreams, paralyze our promises and derail our destiny. His name is FEAR and he is on God’s Most Wanted list. Many Christians harbor this violent fugitive by reducing their God-given exploits to accommodate their fear. What these baffled believers refuse to understand is that the dogs of doom stand at the doors of their destiny. There is always a strategically placed giant in our God-given Promised Land. When most people hear barking dogs or taunting giants, they hide in the wilderness of mediocrity, perpetually wandering through slave camps like boredom, discouragement or meaningless living. It’s time to arrest this dream killer and apprehend our promises. This powerful teaching will equip you to destroy the works of the devil and obtain your Promised Land.

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