From Glory to Glory


Bill Johnson 4 CD Audio Teaching DISC 1: LONGEVITY God's manifest presence and favor marked the church of Acts with uncompromising standards The fear of the Lord governed their relationships and refined His holiness within their leadership. Because of the apostles' high esteem for the Presence, the message of the church increased in its power and demonstration. This message is about the cost of increasing in the move of God, exposing some of the tests that prove our readiness for more of God. DISC 2: REFINED FOCUS The early church started with a burning conviction to embrace the will of God; it grew because their boldness brought demonstrations of extreme power. In the face of persecution, they stewarded the abundance given to them and the numbers multiplied. This message illustrates how Kingdom increase is the calculated devotion to a move of God, regardless of opposition; while boldness is the posture for advancement and increase. DISC 3: THE REVIVAL WITHOUT END Every believer has the responsibility to carry revival as if they are the only one responsible. The reality received from Heaven must be demonstrated in the natural. God is looking for those who are yielded and living dangerously, that His fire may increase upon their sacrifice. DISC 4: RESTING WHILE RISKING There will be a generation who thinks and sees by promise, fulfilling the obligation of demonstrating what they believe. We are a people made to live in the realm of risk, while carrying the fullness of God's presence through rest. This position is excessive in nature and ministers not merely to meet needs, but from a higher level. This level is modeled in Acts 10 in the life of Cornelius. He demonstrates how the believer can capture the favor and attention of Heaven through a lifestyle of faithfulness and honor

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