Rebuilding the Tabernacle of David


Kris Vallotton 2 CD Audio Teaching Jesus said that the "Father is looking for worshipers who will worship Him in Spirit and truth." In this powerful two-part message Kris calls the church back to radical worship. You will find yourself laughing your way past the courts of praise into the Holy of Holies as Kris teaches you how to become a living sacrifice. This message will give you a deeper understanding of the destructive ramifications that true worship has on the powers of darkness and the constructive manifestation it has on the house of God. Kris will answer questions like: What do I do when I don't feel like worshiping? What is the difference between praise, thanksgiving, and worship? How can I be a radical worshiper and not drive people away? Can I worship God in my own way? This is not a message for the faint of heart! This teaching will rock you! This word is a must for anyone that wants to see their city won for Christ.

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