Reformation Series DVD


Bill Johnson 2 DVD Teaching Disc 1: Reformation Through Loyalty The Christian life is lived overtly by declaring the Kingdom of heaven and seeing it backed up in signs and wonders. Believers also have a covert lifestyle that has the capacity to reform their environment through character and virtue. Loyalty is one of the most transforming expressions of a transformational culture--and that is the culture of honor. In Hebrew, loyalty means "deeds of devotion": actions undertaken because of a commitment to valuing a person's place in society with a long-term effect. When we are planted in secular environments to serve, we need to pray for the mercy of God and illustrate what loyalty looks like. Disc 2: Faith for Reformation Faith has the capacity to grab a hold of something possible that could not be obtained through our own conclusions or reasoning. Whereas choosing rights over morality has perverted society, in this hour the world is crying out for an expression of righteousness. The church is positioned to be the most influential in these moments of greatest chaos. God is raising up a generation that is poised for the hour, that will create a strategy of how to affect the world.

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